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Feelings about Paris

I get tongue-tied every time people ask me about our trip. The last day in Paris stands out because it contained both my least favorite thing that happened in Paris and favorite thing that happened in Paris. Maybe I’ll tell you about that later. Ashley asked me how the trip was and what I just told you was what I told her.

With some help from Ashley’s questions, I was able to tell her more specifically about my feelings about Paris. Mostly that it was amazing. I know my travel experiences are still so very limited, but Paris is the most beautiful city I’ve ever had the pleasure of exploring. I’ve seen the sights through blogs and photographs but it just didn’t prepare me for how breathtaking it would be in person. I could people watch and architecture watch all day everywhere in the city. I already want to go back so I can feel small around churches that are centuries old and eat ice cream while walking along the Seine and admiring the twinkle and the sparkle of Paris at night.

While we were there, Kim said, “Everything in Paris is so small except for the crepes!” And it’s true. Especially the apartments! Tiny living area and no storage are popular complaints you see on housing websites about apartments, but it’s something I actually really admire. The people are minimalists and I wish Americans were less consumed with things that take up so much space in our homes. I’ve been really drawn lately to minimalism and what I’ve seen in Paris really embodies that philosophy.

There were a lot of singular amazing experiences that happened in Paris and Amsterdam. We saw the Mona Lisa, we peered at Paris from the Eiffel Tower, I rode a bike for the first time in twenty years, we ate at our first Michelin rated restaurant, we set foot in three different countries in one day, we visited Anne Frank’s house, and more. All of these individual experiences were monumental, but it’s really the sum of these experiences that really changed me. I am now feeling quite restless and a little sad. I told Ashley that I really want to take more long vacations abroad and this compulsion can only be indulged so often with how much it costs in PTO and money to get myself abroad. What she said in response rang so true. “That’s the most annoying thing about travel. You think it’s going to satisfy your wanderlust and it only makes it worse.”

So here I am. It’s a little over a week since I’ve been back in Texas and I have been feeling nostalgic for Paris ever since. I am mulling over what to devote my energy towards now and what trips I want to dream up and plan for next. In the short term, I have a $17,000 student loan debt I’m focusing on and a long weekend planned for Portland, Oregon in a month. In the long term, I’m considering what I need to change about my current life to afford myself more travel. And for the rest of my days, I will think fondly of my first trip to Paris.

Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 131)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, we talk about our obsessions.

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I vlogged about being worried about pick pockets to the point of obsession. Since recording that vlog, I rearranged my wardrobe so that it could hide a money pouch underneath my clothes. I feel a little better about the pickpocket prevention since I recorded the vlog! But…


I found a new obsession to be anxious about regarding our trip to Paris which is in FOUR days. We made a reservation for our first five nights in Paris through Airbnb. I tried to confirm the stay with the person we booked with but she hasn’t be in touch after three emails. This makes me worry! I called Airbnb today and they are going to try to get a hold of her. If they cannot by the end of the weekend, we’ll have to find somewhere else. Come on lady! Contact me and save us some stress!


Weekend To Do List

  • Pack for Europe
  • Pack for friend’s wedding weekend after Europe
  • Write wedding toast
  • Schedule two more blog posts (guest posts)
  • Buy mom Mother’s Day present
  • Spend some quality time with Alan and Bob
  • Complete as many tasks as I can for a philanthropy event by Austin Food Bloggers Alliance.


I’m taking off on Tuesday and will have limited internet access until I get back to Austin after Memorial day. I have at least three great guest blog posts centered around traveling that will post while I’m gone. Check in to see! The first one goes live on Wednesday.


I’ve been experimenting with plating my food. This meat and potatoes plate for last night’s dinner may be my favorite.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ impromptu Iron Man 3 date with Alan ♥ Double Chocolate Chunk Rice Krispy Treats ♥ Paris being FOUR days away ♥ Bob’s skip-pounce-run ♥ workday lunch date with Jamie ♥ emails with Ashley ♥ getting better connected with BFF (we were in a communication slump for a while) ♥ pretty lightening storms ♥ finally opening that jar of duck fat ♥ phone calls with mom and dad ♥ late night nachos on a work night

Question: What are you currently obsessed with?

Paris in May!

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Kim and I did it. We booked our airfare to Paris. I’m looking forward to museums, croissants, lattes, walking around a beautiful town I’ve only experienced through books and movies, reading on the plane, side trips to neighboring countries, and eating their butter and cheese between their breads. I’m looking forward to having all my senses engaged. But today, just the purchasing of the tickets has me euphoric. One of the joyful things about traveling is the anticipation and the planning. Sweet bursts of endorphin released as we coordinated the simultaneous purchasing of tickets.

Paris! We’ll see you in May.

Question: What is your best travel related memory?