Ten Random Rules I Live By

Alan and I saw Zombieland the other day. It was a pretty funny movie and after you watch it you’ll understand some of the references on your facebook statuses. That’s what happened to me anyway. The main character had a list of rules to help him survive Zombieland which inspired me to blog about some of the rules I live by.

Ten Random Rules I Live By

1. Always say thank you. I once had a conversation with a friend about how one of the girls he dated was upset he didn’t say thank you for the things she did for him. I actually disagreed with him and thought it’s always imperative that you thank people, no matter how often they do whatever it is they’re doing for you. He said they were everyday things and he felt silly saying thank you so often. Sometimes Alan looks at me funny when I still thank him for meals. Every now and then I forget but I always try to tell him later when I remember. I stand by my everyday thank yous. I think routinely telling someone you’re grateful for everything you’re grateful for makes it harder to take them for granted.

2. Tell the people you love, you love them and often. I have this fear of dying or people dying on me and things ending without people knowing how much I care about them. If for some reason I don’t feel safe saying the words then I make sure they know by my actions. My dad used to go “mmhmm” whenever I told him I love him. I’ve thrown many pouty fits and now he says “Love you, baby” after every phone call and it makes my day. I know my dad didn’t have to say it because he’s my dad and my gosh, I’d have to reserve an entire day at a coffee shop to begin to tell you all the ways he shows me he loves me. But I’m daddy’s girl and so I pulled a few daddy’s girl manipulations to get him to actually say the words. If it’s possible, say the words.

Horse Sashimi

3. Never “EW” other people’s food. My parents taught me this one. When you see someone eating something that doesn’t entice you or grosses you out, keep that to yourself because he or she is EATING it which means they find it enticing. It should be pretty obvious but being of a minority culture, I’ve experienced a lot of people “ewing” foods they find strange to them. My dad would bring his lunch to work sometimes and some of the customers would peek over and then say something off putting. It’s just rude, ya’ll.

4. Tell the truth. Some people have AMAZING memory and years from now when the gravity of whatever you’re hiding fades, you’ll slip and the truth will escape you, and you’ll be called out. Plus it takes too much energy to keep track of your lies and cover your trail.

5. Don’t pick your nose in the car. People can see you.

6. Don’t curse at or call names when fighting. I’m a big curser and have a sailor mouth. One time I won’t curse is during a fight. It surprises me how many people I know can curse at people they care about during fights. It doesn’t really get you anywhere. It’s not constructive, it doesn’t tell people how they can go about reaching a solution with you. It also weakens whatever argument you have, takes away from your credibility, and builds resentment. I just don’t do it.

7. Pee after sex. Keeps the UTIs away.

8. Never be bored. I cannot remember the last time I was bored. My philosophy is that there is so much to do, see, eat, learn, experience, etc. There’s really no time to ever be bored. Whenever I go meet up friends or go anywhere where there might be some idle time, I have a book to keep my mind going. If perchance I forgot to pack a book, I take care of errands, return phone calls, delete out old messages on my phone to empty space. I’m not even idle when I pump gas. I use that time to clean out my car! Never be bored. Being bored is an absolute waste of time.

9. I don’t know shit. This is what my dad taught me growing up. I don’t know shit. Never pretend that I do because it’s never true. He said the only way I can learn is to just know I’m not smart. There’s too much to learn in the world to ever settle with being smart. He also taught me that people resent people who think they know their shit. When people resent you they won’t teach you anything and everybody has something to teach.

10. Have a nice firm handshake. Limply shaking hands could destroy your first impression. It makes me shiver when a man gives me a limp-fish-hand. Girls, you shake firmly too! I often get limp hands from girls and oftentimes catch myself already tuning out their introductions.

What are some rules you live by?

Photos taken from and by my talented friend, Thomas.