The Thrill of Being a Beginner

When I first started learning how to really cook, I was easily excitable. Everything I was cooking was something I was cooking for the first time. Just a couple of years ago I remember the first time I made green beans, I literally started shouting to myself. “LINDA, YOU ARE MAKING GREEN BEANS!!” Having fresh eyes and fresh perspective is something that comes naturally to beginners. As you advance with experience, that wide-eyed wonder is something you have to actively engage and nurture.

A little over a week ago I inherited my friend’s DSLR camera and since then I took many hideous photos. In fact, after days of playing with settings I only just took my first clear photo last night. Below I posted a consecutive succession of the photos I took last night leading up to my first clear photo taken with a DSLR. I was beside myself with pride.

And to steal a line from Ashley from our emails last night, the “heavens shined upon me” and this was my first clear photo!

It is so invigorating to be a beginner!

Question: When was the last time you had a breakthrough while learning a new skill?