VEDA: a virtual group hug

No VEDA today. Last night’s topic is books and I recorded it and uploaded and upon watching it on youtube this morning, I saw a misplaced clip! Embarrassed, I took it down and will post it probably Friday as part of the Quick 7 Takes. Tonight I have date night with the boyfriend and not much to say about today’s topic which is road trips. So, I’m taking a one night pause. Two videos to show tomorrow (the one I did last night and the one for tomorrow).

I wanted to say thank you for my last vlog’s comments. Ashley said it on twitter the best. She said the self image day on VEDA was like a giant virtual group hug :). Thanks for the virtual hugs.

Since I’m not posting a video blog today, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite vlogs from the other vloggers doing VEDA.

First two are from Nicopolitan.

Next two are from Treavioli.

Question: Did you fall in love with these guys?