VEDA – August 29, 2010: Top 5 Laminated Lists

The weekend ends in ONE hour. So sad. I had a lovely weekend and am especially not ready to go to work tomorrow. Today’s topic for VEDA is Top 5 Laminated Lists (Friends reference) or Top 5 unrealistic crushes. Mmm. I gush a bit over men. In case you don’t have video capabilities sitting at work, here’s my 5: Ryan Reynolds, Johnny Dep, Eric Northman (yes, I’m using his fictional name. It helps with the fantasy), Robert Downey Jr., Ryan Gosling. If you do have capabilities, you get to hear me gush for 2 minutes and 5 seconds.

Youtube Link

Question: What was the favorite part of your weekend?

Mine was having Cindy visit Austin, eating good food, and shooting a how to not miss a high five video.