VEDA Has Begun: Introductions & Big Hairy Audacious Goals

VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) started yesterday and the growth of this project in comparison to its first year last year is stunning. Last year we had 20 something to less than 20 by the end of August. This year, word on twitter is that we’re now at over 80 people who signed up. That’s a lot of videos to keep up with. Last night, my close friend from college (she signed up this year) and I stayed up way past my bedtime watching videos and commenting.

I’m cross-feeding the content on my blog for those who do not use Youtube the way we use it (like Google Reader + Facebook all in one but for videos).

VEDA Day 1 – Introductions and Why VEDA?

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For those without video capabilities, I introduce myself as Linda, hailing from Austin, 28 years old. I drink coffee through straws even if it’s a hot coffee and I love donuts. I’m doing VEDA because I did it last year and met some great people. Also, VEDA changed my life. Last year we did a vlog on body image. I vlogged my back scar. Since then, I’ve been more brave about exposing the scar in public.

VEDA Day 2 – Big Hairy Audacious Goals

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In today’s vlog, I talk about two of my big hairy audacious goals. 1. I would love to discover a new career path. I’ve explored a couple of careers before and found myself not feeling the same way about them once I was knee deep. Also, on a much more lighter note, I’d love to see all 50 states.

Question: What is your big hairy audacious goal?