VEDA: Insecurities & How I Cope

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Today’s VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) topic is insecurities. In the vlog, I admitted I have the same two body insecurities (my small chest and the scar on my back) I vlogged about last year when we discussed body image.

Then I talked about how I cope with all the other insecurities. I mentioned that my dad has taught me to accept my shortcomings and know who I am so that when someone judges me for the outside things (money, clothes, etc), it wouldn’t hurt because the outside things don’t matter. When they judge me for my shortcomings, it wouldn’t hurt because I’ve already had that dialogue with myself. For every one person who doesn’t like me, there will be someone else who will.

Finally, faking confidence is a good way to gain confidence. Head high, chin up.

Questions: What are you insecure about? How do you cope?