VEDA: Unfortunate Fashion Trends & A Trend I Miss

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I almost didn’t want to cross-feed this on the blog. Today with VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August), we discuss fashion trends we wished we hadn’t worn and trends we wish would come back. For those without video capabilities, I admited to having and wearing gold pleather pants age 17-18. Also, somewhere between 18-19, I wore those beaded see-through tops that were just one front panel tied on. Oi. I tried digging up photos online. Luckily for me, photo evidence have already been packed in moving boxes. (I’m moving in one week!)

The trend that I wish would come back are those plasticy mesh backless flats with sequins on top. I had a bunch from Urban Outfitters circa 2001-2002.

Question: Which fashion trend do you regret and which trend do you want to come back?