We Blog, We Vlog: First Dates

This week’s vlog’s topic as part of We Blog, We Vlog is “First Date.”

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In this week’s video, I started off getting ready to tell you the worst first date story I’ve heard which coincidentally was told to me on a first date of mine. Making my date with the story teller the worst first date I’ve been on. Sadly, it’s not exactly a PG-rated story so I rambled on about first dates in general.

Question: What is your worst first date story?

**** What is We Blog, We Vlog? It’s the new group name for the VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) kids. Now we do it every week on Wednesdays! P.S. We are an inclusive group so please join in! I think we’re a friendly bunch.

  • meffy

    TEASE. WHAT? Now I want to know the story. Also, you are crazy. Peaches. It looks like a McD’s bag. Really.

  • Linda

    you already know all my stories but I just sent it to you.
    That bag is a tote! with a orange flower on it.
    I AM however, wearing a McD shirt.

    – Linda

  • Haha.. please send the story via email to me, too :P I’m so curious :) That was a big tease indeed, how could you ;)

    Ah, Americans and dating, it’s such a funny concept for me, cuz we don’t have the dating culture. We’re either together or not. Sure, there are dates sometimes, you go for coffee, talk, but it’s pretty casual, there are no rules about dating here, you are how you are. I think your (American) way is more complicated, because it makes people act and pretend, especially if one or both are not really into each other. But of course it leads to hilarious situations, which are used in various sitcoms and movies. I love Seinfeld and what do they do most of the time? They go on first dates, which are usually very funny :)

  • You’re so cute!

    I want to know the story now too.
    I’ve had too many bad first dates. Probably the one where we wanted to be original and not just get coffee, so we went running. But then I shit in my pants. Worst first date for both of us. Oops.

  • Linda

    The “courting” differences amongst different cultures is fascinating! How do you get to know someone in Slovenia? How do you “try” them out? You’re right. Our dating culture really makes it easy to go on “pretending.”

    Thank you!

    HORRIFYING. Was there a second date? lol

    – Linda

    Am emailing both of you the story

  • I think we would usually meet people among friends or friends of friends. Another thing is school, university. You become friends first and then, if both have some feelings, they start to date. But you know the person already, so there’s no need for official dates, you just go out and start holding hands, kissing etc… and the next day you’re together :)

  • A little late to the party, but I’m super curious about this story too! Can you email me?

    I don’t think I have too bad first date stories…mostly because I haven’t been on too many first dates. Sigh.

  • Ms. Wendy,
    I just emailed you and will say again you probably didn’t go on many first dates because the men you chose were smarter than to let you go :p
    – Linda

  • lets see I have not have a bad first date but I had a bad second date, that honors goes to this girl named Julia who bought her roommate and her roommates boyfriend who was a total narcissistic pain in the ass I mean this girl made the date about her and would constantly interrupt Julia’s and I’s conversations and make it about it. Plus she would always make very hurtful jokes and I am like we just met and you are making racist jokes….yeah not so fun. So after that we went on one more date…roommate came again and then I told nope never again.

  • Linda

    What an odd thing to do, bring your roommate along! I guess it could be a lot worse. She could have brought her mom along! Thanks for sharing your story. :)
    – Linda