Weekend Recap

On Friday, I cooked dinner for Selina and we had our first one on one time in at least a year. She treated us to cupcakes from my favorite cupcake place in Austin.

Saturday, I woke up super early to drag my little from Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America to a We Are Girls conference. It was a great experience and I learned a lot in just three workshops. I hope to hammer out a recap this week. There was a lot of information I want to help spread out into the world.

Then I did some Christmas wrapping.

And finished the evening doing #WinetoReach with my VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) friend, Treavor. He was visiting from Dallas! We had our first date not too long ago where I introduced him to bubble tea. This weekend, I asked him if he was down for crepes and when he said he had never had crepes, I knew in my heart that we were about to start a tradition.

On Sunday, I woke up super early again and “ran” the Susan G Komen’s Race for the Cure 5k.

Brittany then suggested we go to Juan in a Million (a local favorite) and when she told me she never been, I couldn’t get us there fast enough.

It was a treat to see most of the people at Juan in the Million were wearing their Race for the Cure t-shirts too. We felt like we were part of a community.

Not pictured from the weekend:

Walking another 3 miles in the afternoon with my friend Brandi and my dog. (Leaves me quite sore this morning!)

Picking up the boyfriend from the airport. Just in time! I was missing him.

A few episodes of Felicity.

Lots and lots of chores.

Question: What are your weekend highlights?

  • What a busy yet fun weekend for you. As you know, I had Fri off so we went for brunch & to the bookstore. Also went to a new local Italian restaurant for dinner, another trip to the bookstore & ran errands. Proud of you for participating in the Race For the Cure!

    • I love the repeated trips to the book store! I haven’t given myself time to peruse books in a while.  Thank you for your support!

  • OMG – You are killing me with the cupcakes!  They look soooooooooooo good.  I just moved to a big city and completely forgot we might have a cupcake place!  I’m going to have to venture out this weekend and look for one.  10:00am here and I totally want cake!

    • I hope this inspires you to grab cupcakes today!!

  • Glad to be part of your busy weekend! Thanks again for the crepes. Kudos for surviving the Race. 

    • :) Til next time, friend.

  • meeting my best friend’s baby girl. quality time with my best girlfriends from college and their husbands/babies – despite being the 7th wheel. my first time at Wurstfest – amazing people watching. seeing my baby nieces.

    • Mmmm. Sausages on a sticks! I love Wurstfest. So happy you had a fun time being 7th wheel :)

  • OMG THOSE CUPCAKES! I want to visit Austin just to try some.

    My weekend highlight was going to a lantern festival in Seoul. Details to come on my blog. :)

    • Yes please do. I’ll even buy the cupcakes for you!

      Can’t wait to see the details of this lantern festival!

  • Anonymous

    OMG those cupcakes look amazing.  I love how the frosting doesnt look like frosting but like pudding or thick whipped cream. Yummy