Weekend Recap

It’s hard to come back to work from a weekend like last weekend.

Friday night, I met AshleyD, Ashley, and Nicole for a date with Ryan Gosling and Master Pancake. It was my first Master Pancake since college. Basically, Alamo Drafthouse shows a “bad” movie and then talks over it in the name of comedy. They were making fun of The Notebook. It was an excuse to see Gosling’s face for two hours.

Saturday, we walked in the rain, tried on ugly darling accessories, and watched Channing Tatum blow on Rachel McAdams’s cold fingers in The Vow.

Sunday, we woke up at five in the morning and dropped off Nicole and AshleyD at the Austin Live Strong Half Marathon. We cheered on amazing blogger runners (with the help of cowbells), most of whom will be going to Bloggers in Sin City this May. I had the pleasure of meeting Tara, Nicole (founder of Bloggers in Sin City), and Ameena. After the race, We stuffed our faces silly with delicious and sloppy pulled pork. Finally, I ended an awesome weekend with a romantic stroll along the lake with Treavor, who drove down after a Midwest road trip just to meet a few bloggers before seeing them in Vegas.

It was a great weekend and I miss everyone already. I feel little mournful but I find solace in the fact that there will be a reunion in just three months!