We’re Not Boring. We’re Aging.

Since October, I’ve had a few conversations with close girlfriends about a shift in our social interests. I noticed nights out are comparatively tamer than they have been two years ago, three years ago, since college, and etc. I’ve gone from being able to play hard til six in the morning, then it ebbed down to three or four in the morning. Nowadays, we leave before bars close to skip out on traffic. I needed three cups of coffee to make it through Les Mis on a week night. The first drink I drank at the New Year’s Eve party was coffee. Jordan wrote an awesome post about her experience with this. Though in her defense, girl’s a momma now and I’m still only responsible for my well-being.

For New Year’s Eve, I recycled an older NYE dress and showed up to a cozy get together at a friend’s place for game night. It ended up being too crowded for game night and evolved to just a sweet house party. Alan and I left early at 1:30 am and then we curled up on the couch to watch American Horror Story. No longer do I feel the kind of adrenaline I used to get finding a cute and new dress to ring in the new year or pay a ridiculous amount to reserve the best table. I loved that I ended the night on the couch in front of a good show. A friend of mine recently exclaimed, “I’ve become boring.” I told her she wasn’t boring and that we are just aging. Showing up for brunch and clinking glasses over happy hour (read super early dinner time) are now our things. Our bodies cannot handle closing down bars and then caravanning to the after-party. I don’t miss that kind of leisure but it is stunning to me my first shift in social interests. With 7 months away from my 30th birthday, this shift came just in time.

imageNew Year's Eve

New Year's EveNew Year's Eve