Why I Dislike Christmas

Growing up, I’ve always hated Christmas. As long as I can remember, my parents worked Christmas Day and they still do. As I matured, I’ve come to really love and appreciate them for working every day of the year. I understand they did it for us and for the family. However, it makes the actual day of Christmas quite lonely. Last Christmas wasn’t so bad because I met up with Bestie (who visits from New England for the holidays) for some hot pot. This year, it looks like we’re doing it again, which is wonderful. It makes the holiday less lonely.

Bestie and Me, Christmas Day 2009

Generally, I love October through February. October, marks the beginning of the holidays. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday because I really love celebrating gratitude. Also pumpkin makes an appearance in comfort cuisine in the fall. Mmm pumpkin. Mostly, what really makes October through December so wonderful is the people. Most of my closest friends have moved out of state or are in Houston. The out of towners come to Houston for the holidays since their parents are still rooted. I come home to Houston more to see the parents and it feels wonderful to be physically surrounded by your friends. As we grow older and start popping out babies, I know these friends will fly home to Houston less. :(

P.S. This blog post was inspired by Stephany’s 11th confession on her latest blog entry.

Question: What is your favorite family Christmas tradition?