2008 Resolutions

Financial Resolutions

  • Open a Roth IRA and contribute for both 2007 and 2008. Half way there. Opened an account with Michael’s guidance and contributed what I could spare for 2007. New thing of the week.
  • Do my own taxes. I’m pretty much 90 percent done fililng. Last night I got on Turbo Tax. I must admit it’s actually kind of fun. I just need one more W2 Form. First time in my working years, I don’t get a refund. Rather, I have to pay! Boo. Good thing for deductibles. This was also one of my new things this week.
  • Save all my receipts
  • Pay off my car note. 7K more.
  • Open up a HSA and contribute enough for it to be a deductible

Healthy Resolutions

  • Eat at McDonalds no more than twice a week. (So far I’m going on 4 days straight of no McDonalds which is 400 percent better than I have done since 2008 started.)
  • Work out 2 hours a week. Currently, I give myself a 0 percent.
  • Enjoy more vegetables and fruits

Communal Resolutions

  • Volunteer more (I just got matched for a little sister yesterday through Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America)
  • Recycle (Our kitchen counter currently is covered with neatly stacked plastic water bottles waiting to be taken somewhere to recycle)

Leisurable Resolutions

  • Keep running list of books I finish this year. (http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/104097)
  • Watch one half of the AFI Top 100 American Movies (Currently at 34/100)
  • Get my passport (Application still sitting on my dresser)
  • Take a true blue vacation. Bought my Jet Blue tickets to visit my NYC and Boston friends this April. I’ll be gone two weekends and it’s starting to look like it’ll affect my work. After I bought the tickets, I found out there are two out of town meetings I need to fly to in April :( I guess I’ll see what happens there soon.
  • Attempt to expand my writing horizons. I.E. less blogging and journaling and more essays? fiction? Let’s see.

Relationship Resolutions

  • Take a few more risks.
  • Be a good friend but learn when to say ‘No’ and not feel so guilty.
  • Date someone I like for at least a month. Baby steps!