2012 Resolutions Progress Report

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Personal Finance


  • Save $1,204 in the Gift Fund for my parents. I now have enough in the account for roughly two international airline tickets. My parents don’t seem to be retiring soon so I’ll resolve to add another 1,500 in 2013.

  • Contribute $2,000 in a Roth IRA for 2012. The buying of a car kind of derailed me. I’m glad I didn’t put in the 2,000 so I could use it to go towards the car.
  • Make $3,000 outside from full-time job income. $2,320/$3,000


  • Try 10 more Vietnamese recipes. 6/10. In one week, I made four new recipes. One of which was Vietnamese Stuffed Tomatoes.
  • Complete 10 sewing learning projects. 2/10. No progress since the last few progress reports.
  • Read 50 books. 35/50. I’m way behind on this goal. I only read one book since June!
  • Read one Neil Gaiman book. American Gods was a really fun experience.
  • Build a fort.
  • Blog at least three times a week per blog. This is one of those resolutions I make knowing I will definitely fail. I make it because in striving for three a week, I may hit one or two and that’s better than zero. Today marks the first day of National Blog Posting Month! Cheers to blogging every day this month.
  • Finish Sketchbook Project 2012 in time. Finished product here.
  • Visit two new states. 1/2. Arkansas and Washington
  • Go to Marfa, Texas with Kim.

Relationships and Well-Being

  • Visit my sister in Pennsylvania.
  • Volunteer 10 hours outside my commitment to Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America. 8/10. Food bank, planted trees at Wildflower Center, worked a charity event benefiting Bake A Wish. I’m currently looking into a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving Day.
  • Work out at least once per week. I’ve been averaging 3-4 times a week most of this year but have fallen off the wagon the last two months. I finally hit up the gym this week to start up again.
  • Write my morning pages at least 120 times this year. 100/120.
  • Buy myself flowers four times. 2/4.

Question: Do you give up on a goal once you know it’s not reachable by the predetermined deadline?