“A” Pot luck

So not too long ago, we had our first alphabet pot luck with the letter “P.” We finally had time to have our second alphabet pot luck and last night’s letter is the letter “A”! Rules are simple, bring anything that begins with the letter “A.” I’m just going to walk you through all the awesome eats with the photos.

I made artichoke and angel hair with garlic sauce. I like it better at Katambra’s then when I was first making it and I think what really completes it is Parmesan which I didn’t have when cooking.

Nisreen brought “Ants on a Log.” She brought black ants and red ants. That’s Katambra’s reaction to them after sharing that she does not like celery nor does she like peanut butter. (I don’t understand how anyone can not like peanut butter!)

Brittany, our little overachiever brought artichoke dip with Asiago Rosemary Crackers….

And Atomic Bombs….

And carmel apples! Seriously, if this were a game, she’d win.

Deesh and Brittany brought liquor and mixers to make apple martinis. They’re apparently really strong. I did not partake but I managed to capture a couple of reactions on video….

If you didn’t catch that, Nino checked his belly for chest hair.

Nino brought his famous Asian chicken wings. My brother said the best chicken wings he’s had are Nino’s. I can see the appeal! Word on the street is he marinates it in oyster sauce.

Katambra, who hosted, made Appledews. Named after 2 of the ingredients, apples and Mountain Dew. It was AWESOME. I’m not an apple pie or apple tart kind of girl (I usually don’t like fruits in my dessert), but this was AWESOME. I have to get the recipe from Katambra. The Mountain Dew was somehow reduced to the syrup. You can’t taste the Dew. You can taste the Awesome.

Jesse brought apple oatmeal cookies made with almond milk instead of regular milk and honey instead of sugar. It tasted and is very healthy. Good. It’s perfect for a hike or camping trip.

We scarfed down the food and played Apples to Apples, Bing’s “A” contribution while watching football.

And I close with an Awkward Family photo.