A Weekend Traveling On My Own

Yesterday I was telling you that I was probably going to fail my traveling resolution for the first time in three years. A day after predicting the failure, I booked a weekend trip to Nashville, Tennessee and Louisville, Kentucky. It took me six hours from Anita asking me if I’ve ever been to Tennessee to make this happen. In two days, I’ll see two states and will fulfill my travel resolution two days before year’s end. It may seem a bit extreme to go for only two days but my budget and need to achieve my goals motivate a lot of my rash decisions.

I’ve never traveled by myself for pleasure. I’ve had a taste of it when I used to travel for work on my own. I know this will be an exercise in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. My life is about to change in a couple of weeks and I’ve been grieving the old life ever since I committed to this change. By the time I take this trip, it will be the end of 2013 and a month into my new life. I think the timing is perfect. As an extrovert, I self-medicate with the company of others. Traveling solo will enable me to be quiet and listen to my thoughts. Reflect and finally spend time with my journal. I’ll come back into Houston in time to spend a quiet New Year’s Eve with Kim and her friends.

It’ll be the first New Year’s Eve I’ve spent outside of Austin in 7 years. It’ll be the first New Year’s Eve in a decade, I won’t be at a party. Like this weekend trip, it’ll be just what I need.

Question: What are your experiences with traveling by yourself?