Feast of Love


Mary Ellen not only recommended this movie to me but also renewed my netflix account for a year to facilitate the process. So the girls and I watched it Wednesday night. I enjoyed it! It’s a quiet movie about love. It definitely hooks you in and has a handful of comedic moments. Morgan Freeman and Greg Kinnear. A film about love, in all it’s glory, fleshed out amongst a group of people in a small town in Oregon. I rented it not knowing much about it at all and am pleased. The girls were surprised at how much they enjoyed it too.

Next morning (Thursday morning) we all took a day off work and went to Schiltterbahn. Their gift of my last few days of being 24. My new thing of the week. Highlights include riding Master Blaster, voted America’s best water ride and my freaking out because I thought I saw a full frontal penis. Ended up being the man’s child’s foot dangling in just the right way in just the right shade of pink. We cracked up about that randomly throughout the day. It rained and stormed through 90 percent of our day at the water park but it made the lines much shorter and it was kind of fun running around with strangers trying to dodge the storm. It was a good day yesterday.

Anyway. Go rent Feast of Love.