Fourth of July

As previously stated, spent my holiday with roomie and her boyfriend. We went to Auditorium Shores to see the Austin Symphony perform their annual Fourth of July show and see the fireworks afterwards.

Do you like my patriotic bracelets? The red one was a gift from my cute little from Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Chicken Fried Bacon

So sometime last week, I saw this show on the travel channel about deep fried foods. There’s a place in Snook, Texas (don’t ask me where that is) that served chicken friend bacon. Chicken fried BACON with gravy. It was the first I’ve ever heard of it but I was determine to try chicken fried bacon, even if it met I have to look up where exactly Snook, Texas was. I told Brandi about this today before we left our apartment and as we were trolling the food vendors at the event, Brandi leans in…

Guess what I see.

What do you see?!

Chicken. Fried. Bacon!

I about died. And of course, I partook.

Brandi’s man and I were big giant fans of the chicken fried bacon.

The Power of Cropping

This original picture looks awfully awkward. It looks like I’m the redheaded stepchild or I don’t like Brandi’s boyfriend, or they said it looked like we were racially segregated. Haha. Brandi’s man wanted me to delete the photo but I kept it because if you crop us apart into two separate photos, the photos are a’ite.

Crop 1

Crop 2

The Fireworks

Lastly, I leave you the finale of the fireworks show. Austin Symphony playing wonderfully in the background.