Gift Idea: Count The Ways You Love Someone and Tie Them to Balloons

Have you ever counted the ways you love someone as a gift? I enjoy giving birthday gifts that align with the years of life. Back in college, I’d collect kisses on the cheek from strangers for friends which made for a better night then collecting birthday shots. As I’m not much on the bar hopping scene these days, I’ve shifted to other numbered gifts. I gave Alan 28 gifts for his last birthday, one of which was a list of 28 things I love about him. A coworker and friend of mine just had her 26th birthday and her supervisor and teammate collaborated with me on 26 reasons why we adore her. I collected the reasons and added a few of my own and decided to have fun with the delivery.

Instead of printing the reasons on a single sheet, I wrote down each reason on card stock and then tied it to a balloon. It was really fun to put together and sometimes creative packaging can level up simple gifts. Keep in mind that card stock is heavy; I was able to fit about 7 or 8 reasons to one balloon before it started to get weighed down.

Tell me about a gift you received that was creatively packaged.