Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine Menu

Yet another burger place proclaiming no antibiotics, no hormones, and fresh ingredients with their produce out for display. The last time I tried one of these “healthy ingredients” burger place was Mooyah. I liked Mooyah okay but it wasn’t special. From what I recall, the meat wasn’t flavorful. I haven’t been back nor have I craved it when it comes in conversation. Food comes up in my every day conversation often. Mighty Fine has a reputation representative of it’s name. Jessica likes it; Selina gave it thumbs up. So Alan, Sae and I tried it out today. None of us have been. We likes.

Looks like Rudy's
Looks like Rudy’s when you walk in. The checkered table cloth, the family style seating. They even have the same hand sanitizer machine as Rudy’s complete with “I have clean hands” stickers.

Mighty Fine Patties
Like Mooyah, they have their potatoes stacked out. Unlike Mooyah, you can see them make the burger patties in a room through a window.

Mighty Fine Jr CheeseburgerMighty Fine Jr Cheeseburger
Ordered the Mighty Fine Junior Cheeseburger with jalapenos. They also have a ‘secret’ menu that you can ask about. Alan somehow knew to ask? That boy! So secret menu: grilled cheeses, BLTs, and this thing called ‘The Beast.’

Mighty Fine Chilli Cheese Fries
Alan and I shared the chilli cheese fries. They have little sausages in them! Pretty good. I really need to get back to working out. I haven’t worked out in weeks and my diet has been sinful.

Whereas, I wouldn’t go back to Mooyah, I’d totally come to Mighty Fine Burgers again. Yum yum yum.