Mike and Patty’s – Best Egg Breakfast Sandwiches of Our Lives

Mike and Patty’s
12 Church St
(between Tremont St & Fayette St)
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 423-3447

Mike and Patty’s teeny tiny storefront.

I originally added this on my to do list for Boston because I yelped around. Then a friend suggested it on my facebook profile so it augmented my already eager determination. We took a very scenic walk to 12 Church St. That’s something I really appreciate about Boston. The cobblestone streets and pots of flowers on the sidewalk and hanging from lamp lights. I forgot how romantic Boston is. Perfect for strolls. I literally have stopped to admire flowers several times today and yesterday.

The miniscule interior.

I took this photo to try demonstrate how tiny this place was! Note the distance between the door and the counter. At the very most Mike and Patty’s can seat 6 people.

The menu!

After poring over the menu on the wall, I was most drawn to the Bacon and Egg, Fancy sandwich. I asked the super friendly and down to earth girls what was their favorites and or most popular. They said definitely the Bacon and Egg, Fancy. That was enough to sell me!

bacon, egg, cheddar, avocado, red onion, house mayo on toasted multigrain bread (I held out on onion.)

Seriously the BEST egg sandwich I’ve ever had. I kept reliving the memory of this sandwich ALL day. Everything fit perfectly. Mmm, the bacon. I love me bacon. My vote for new food groups are chocolate and BACON. The house mayo gave it a pleasant tang and my taste buds thoroughly craved every ingredient of that sandwich. I was skeptical about the multigrain bread but even that just fit the sandwich. I can see (taste? hee) why it’s Mike and Patty’s most popular sandwich. Mmmmmmm.

egg, salsa, cheese, roasted poblanos, potato, refritos and avocado

Pictured above is Mary Ellen’s order, the Breakfast Torta. I’m usually not a fan of tortas as the bread is usually too starchy for me but when asked to describe her sandwich, Mary Ellen boldly claimed that it was the best egg breakfast sandwich of her life. She said the combination of the salsa, beans, and avocado gave the torta kind of a Southwesterny taste but not and the bread was light. She said everything about the sandwich was divine. The egg was slightly runny and the roasted poblanos surprised her with how well it went with everything.

Definitely worth a visit!!