Niko Nikos

Yummy! Thomas has been talking about this Greek place for a while now and we finally had it as one of our last meals together since he’s all gone and moved to California now. Poo.

Located on Montrose close to Westhemier, Niko Nikos is lit up with shiny neon lights. We went right before the dinner crowd showed and by the time we left that place was BUMPING. I can see why! I had a gyro with their potato that’s soaked in lemon, butter, and dill. Holy shit, was that potato GOOD. The gryo was delicious. I haven’t had a gyro is at least a year. The tzatziki sauce was thicker than I’m used to but I still ate it up. This place is definitely bookmarked for the future.

That potato! Mmm. So lemony and buttery and… well..dill-y.

  • kim

    those potatoes are AMAZINGGGGGGGG. mmm. so good. i need to go there this week.

  • that’s one of joe’s favorite places to go. pretty tasty!

  • Selina

    Yea, you’re post just made me super hungry again. Time to go find another snack…. =)

  • Cindy

    Ohhhh man. Niko Niko’s is like Madam Mam’s to me….I haven’t had a dish there that I DIDN’T like. And that includes desserts. :)

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