Notes on Joe Rogan’s Standup

Yesterday I had date night with my dude which comprised of a nice one on one sushi feast downtown, then a triple date at the local comedy club to watch Joe Rogan. Outside Rogan hosting Fear Factor and now UFC fights, I don’t know much about this guy and have definitely no preconceived notions about his comedy. Alan’s seen him live before and all he’s told me was that he’s crass which is standard in comedy. I had a lot of fun and would like to share a few notes.

  • I’m thankful I do not have a nasal, painful laugh. Every now and again I may let out a cackle that my friends will be quick to tease me about, but if they could hear the girl we sat next to… Dang. Slow, drawn out, nasal, “neyahh, neyahh, neyaah.” We were thankful she didn’t find the show THAT funny.
  • Don’t be that guy who tries to film the whole thing to put on youtube. Don’t be that guy who the comedian has to ask to stop distracting him with your camera. Don’t be that guy who has to be asked twice.
  • I think Rogan turned off all the men against watching child birth. He may have used the word “explosion” to mentally paint a picture.
  • I was surprised how many UFC fighters I knew whenever he name dropped. Brock Lesnar. Robert Huerta. BJ Penn. Seriously, I felt a little proud. I guess I have Alan to thank for that. P.S. Brock Lesnar is the huge (even for MMA standards) dude with the penis shaped tattoo on his chest. I think it’s supposed to be a sword, but it looks extremely phallic.
  • I think the only sweet moment was when he relayed to us that he knew he loved his daughter (she’s 2) more than himself when he gave her the good banana. She loves bananas and there were two bananas up for grabs. The beautiful ripe one and the ugly brown one. He gave her the beautiful ripe banana. He cited her the only person in his life he’d do that for.

That’s about all I’m comfortable sharing. I think I laughed hysterically about 70 percent of the time and the other 30 I shook my head in disbelief. Worried that if I laughed, I’d go to hell. He is a great and generous comedian, entertaining us for about 2 solid hours. After the show, he remained accessible, friendly and hung out at the club afterward. Which made it possible for me to grabbed a picture with him!

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan and me!

Joe Rogan
Dude & me

Pre Show: Joe Rogan
1/3 of our triple date

Question: Who are your favorite comedians?