October On & Off Instagram

The first three photos on this post were from my first asado, an Argentinean barbecue. I wrote about what a serene day it was on my food blog. (Click on any of the first three photos to read the post.) I went to Houston for a weekend to stand in a high school friend’s wedding. I stayed with my parents and brought back some of the permissions they harvested from their garden. Sugarface and I were invited to an outdoor hot pot party which was also another serene experience dining outside in good company.

October was mostly about settling into the new apartment with Sugarface. I’m proud of how well we handled our transition from seeing each other a few times a week to every waking moment spent at home. That’s a lot of change for any relationship. Not depicted on Instagram, all the home-cooked meals we’ve made in our new home, hosting our first dinner guests, a dance party in our undies with our puppies, and hosting our first overnight guest. We did a good job breaking in our new home!

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

October On & Off Instagram >> Curious Notions

Question: What did you do for Halloween?

  • lisasyarns

    I am glad that the adjustment to living together has gone smoothly! I have never lived with a boyfriend but I can imagine it’s a big adjustment! But an exciting one! I definitely look forward to the day when Phil and I merge households for many reasons but one is that I get so tired of coordinating schedules and figuring out when we will stay at each other’s places – and then the packing! Gah! But for now living in our own spaces works for us.

    For Halloween we handed out candy for a couple of hours but only got 35 trick or treaters! After that we went to his coworker’s party which she hosts every year which was really fun!

    • I remember the packing! Also having weird things in your bag at all times. I’ve often shoved clean pair of underwear in my purse when visiting boyfriends. Makes for awkward moments when you forget they’re there in your bag during the day!

      35 trick or treaters is still quite a sum! I’ve never lived anywhere where I even had one trick or treater! Also, I love that you counted!!

  • Moving in with your significant other is harder (at times) than I expected! I’m six months in and still struggling to adjust. It sounds like you guys are doing pretty well so far!

    For Halloween, Erik and I went to a party at our friends’ house – they love Halloween, so they decorated their house/basement with lots of creepy things.

    • If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious. What’s hard about it? Is it just the culture shock? Differences in cleanliness?

      • One thing that we dealt with early on (and have mostly overcome) was making choices about decorating/organizing/cleaning. Each of us felt that our way was the “right” way and the other person was doing something the “wrong” way, even though both ways are legitimate.

        We’ve also struggled with having a balance of quality time versus passive time together. Since we see each other all the time now, it felt like we didn’t need to have date nights or go out and do things together because we’re already spending all this time living together. However, we’re usually doing our own things, so even though we spend a lot of time physically in the same room, it’s not quality time. So we had to start incorporating more activities together, like running errands together or deciding to watch a movie and put our phones/laptops away.

  • Congrats on getting all settled in to your new place! Moving is exhausting, so it’s nice when you can finally just enjoy everything.

  • manda

    You look so pretty in the blue dress pic!! So scary in the Halloween pics haha.

    Also yay for moving in together!! I absolutely LOVE living with my bf! It’s been almost 5 years now and I’m still not tired of it!.

    • Haha! I felt super creepy and ugly when people recoiled from me in the Halloween pics.

      Re: 5 years and stil not being tired of it. Yay! #relationshipgoals

  • You look badass in that makeup (both makeups).