October On & Off Instagram

October was a force to be reckoned with. I am someone who pays attention to anniversaries, even the sad and heartbreaking ones. October contained the one year anniversaries of the deaths of two friends and the anniversary of the breakup of a six year relationship. The first week of October was hard. I nearly missed the anniversary of one of my friends’ passing. Luckily Treavor so sweetly sent me flowers in her memory and reminded me. I nearly missed it because I had a sick puppy and it hit me how alone I am essentially. The last time Bob the Dog was sick, I had a work-from-home boyfriend who could let him out every hour. I went home three times in one day while living an hour north from work to clean up after Bob. I threw myself pity parties and then quickly had to switch gears to celebrate the wedding of one of my close friends in Houston.

I went to Houston twice in October. The second time was to have a weekend with Oprah with my best friend. I’m still riding the motivational wave of Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour. In fact, her opening speech alluded to stars and the Milky Way and I paid homage by dressing up as the Milky Way for Halloween in New York City.

This month I convinced my mom to have a gazing at the world date with me every time I go to Houston.

I flirted with Neal Patrick Harris and bought a signed copy of his new book, Choose Your Own Autobiography. He is so handsome!

My crazy month ended in New York City. I went with a big group of friends and though I mentioned the second half of the trip crushed my spirit, I spent the last day and minutes of October having truly an awesome time in a city I love with great people.

Not depicted on Instagram were a lot of tears.

night in






Reading at Oprah

Neal Patrick Harris


Seafood Risotto




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  • you are still smiling and having awesome adventures. that is a force to be reckoned with too, as cheesy as it sounds ;-)

    • Hmm. :) I like how you see things/me. Thank you.

  • Wow, you had a big month! I am super jealous that you got to flirt with NPH.

    Anniversaries of unpleasant events can be so tough sometimes. Hang in there!

  • Crazy month indeed! It sounds like it started off really hard, but you picked yourself back up again. :)

    October has always been my favorite month ~ birthday and all. But this year, even more so. I think I just made sure to go out and do things that left me feeling happy and full.

    • I remember October is always a happy month for you. Funny how I can see/remember that as we now know each other for years now!

  • September is the beginning of autumn, but October is when it all falls down and becomes apparent that things end to start the transition of new and better things.

    Hope it wasn’t too hard on you. If so, better things are coming.

    • Last year this time was hard and it gave way to an overall great year. So maybe you’re right. :)

  • lisasyarns

    First off, your mom is so beautiful!

    I hate that October holds so many sad milestones for you… I, too, think back on both the happy and sad anniversaries. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since your break-up, it just doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that it happened.

    I’m glad October held some awesome moments (like, OMG, you met Neil Patrick Harris! I’ve been in love with him since his Doogie Howser days!) to somewhat offset the heaviness of this month.

  • Cool that your halloween costume paid tribute to Oprah! :)

  • I’m sorry that October blows, but it looks like you kept busy with lots of fun adventures with friends/family, which is kind of the best medicine. And now it’s November!

    As someone who gets nerdy about space stuff, many hearts for the Halloween costume.