Packing Up My Life

So I’m moving at the end of June and I finally started packing tonight. I only have 2 boxes packed so far.

First box I packed was DVDs. I stuck in other knick knacks and by the time I taped it up, I could hardly push it against the wall.

The first box of books.

There is something very sad about packing. I always get kind of mopey when I’m in the throes of relocating. There’s always that feeling of uncertainty in leaving a home. I don’t remember ever moving without experiencing a bout of sadness and anxiety. It’s been true from the very first time I moved from Houston to Austin for college, to the 2nd time when I moved from a dorm to my very first apartment with 2 other high school and college classmates, the last time when I went from living with Alan to living by myself again, and every move in between. I’ve moved SEVEN times since 2001. This next apartment will be my 8th home in 9 years.

How often do you guys move?