Prosperity Game

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I was clicking around Twitter when I stumbled on a few dozen blog posts from various people about Prosperity Game. They were listing out how they would spend the hypothetical money. In this game you work with visualizing money in your life and spending it thoughtfully. On Day 1, you have $1,000 to spend in a day. You’re not really supposed to save it. On Day 2, you get $2,000; On Day 3, you get $3,000. Every day the amount given increases by $1,000. This is only my 5th day playing and I plan on just playing for three weeks as part of my morning journaling sessions but so far it’s really fun. Here’s how I’ve spent the last 5 days worth of money.

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Reasons why I like this game? It’s so fun to play with money that you have to spend. It gave me a bit of a morning pep when I started off my day planning how I would spend money. Also, it called into light that I really would like my education debt paid down but yet I only pay minimum payment each month! My actions aren’t really aligning with my desires. Lastly, 5 days in and I finally got off my lazy butt to look up what airline tickets to Paris in February 2013 cost currently. It’s going to happen!

Question: How would you spend $5,000 in one day?