puppy chow

In high school, a classmate used to make a tub of this delicious confection for birthday presents. Chex, covered in chocolate and peanut butter and powdered sugar. That was how I described it to Lily when she goes, “Puppy Chow!” It’s called Puppy Chow! I googled and sure enough, Puppy Chow. I decided that’s what I was going to bring to Jamie’s pumpking carving party this weekend. So last night after work, I stopped by the local HEB and picked up the ingredients. Butter, chocolate, peanut butter, box of Chex and a powdered sugar.

Last night’s goal was to just test the simple recipe out on my roommate. I come home and he’s sitting there on the couch watching ESPN and playing poker (as always).

“Roomie, have you ever had Puppy Chow?”

“I had a doggy biscuit as a child once.”

I schooled the roomie and proceeded to make the easy snack. He actually wanted to just eat it after I mixed in the chocolate, butter, PB, and chex as is. Had him wait til I covered it in the powder. Gave him a bowl to try out and he was an immediate fan. It’s AWESOME. So fricking good.

He finished the bowl and a tupperware box I saved for him. Gave another box to Robby and his roommate. They loved it too and gave it to our neighbor. I love how everyone kind of gave me this wary look. Robby and my neighbor both have puppies. “……This is for my puppy?”

No Bubba, it’s for you.

Below is a before powder sugar picture.


I had an after photo too but it turned out blurry and now all of it’s gone. Can’t wait to make another batch Friday.