Rain in Austin: A Compilation of Tweets

It’s a happy day in Austin, Texas. We have been so dry and dying for rain that yesterday’s late night storm was received by joyous tweets. I tweeted that I loved that rain was building community in our town. And it really has. Here’s just a small sample of Austinites tweeting about the happiness that is rain.

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@Hipstercrite: i dreamt that it rained last night. i also dreamt that gene wilder gave me ice cream. at least one of these dreams came true. :(

@statesman: Extra! Extra! Rain falls in Austin! Citizens surprised & confused! Dead lawns get water!

@Mutinybikes: Rain in Austin? Weird.

@stetted: The thunder scared me awake last night because I forgot what it was.

: @stetted Love how being deprived of rain has made the prospect of rain& rain itself noteworthy. It’s almost like it’s building community.

: @lindaeatsworld I think rain has been taking marketing lessons from Steve Jobs.

: AM truly thankful for the rain. Not so much for the power outage, subsequent surges, and the not going back to sleep that followed. Ugh.

@gardens123: I stayed up to see the glorious rain. So sleepy, but I don’t even care.

@FranishNonspeak: Whoot! Woke up to rain drops clinging to the windows. Looks like we got a decent soaking overnight.

@jkru: rain… it’s like a free lawn watering service.

@caeseroct: How do I know it’s raining outside? Because it’s raining inside my apartment too. #leakage

@foodiethenew40: RAIN!!!!

@julieboolietran: I love the rain. Now I can sleep in peace.

@julieboolietran: Loud car outside? Nope… Just loud thunder lol

: RAIN!!

: I see lighting. Can rain be following soon? #Austin

@racheldaneman: LIGHTENING AND THUNDERRR @themarissagreen your rain dance worked!!! Ahhhh rain is coming!!!! We’re saved!!! (not really…)

@gardens123: Wow, rain is so close. Please, pretty please?

@lisaiscooking: running was slightly less horrible tonight. still, wish I’d been running in rain.

@alm1969: 74 degrees in Austin, Texas this morning. Rain changes everything.

@brandflair: Finally, rain last night in #Austin. My garden is now full of #happytrees. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Question: What is making the locals happy in your neck of the woods?