Romantic Santorini

Last month I finally experienced something that has been on my life list since high school, and that is to visit Greece. MJ, Anita, and I spent over a week island hopping around Greece and my favorite island visited was Santorini. I always learn about myself when I travel to new places. In Greece, I learned I can plan a trip around beaches. I assumed I was someone who prefers the metropolitan and urban travel destinations. I thought I’d always pick the Lourve or the Met over sunbathing and reading in sand. The rush of navigating a subway system over wading into a deep blue sea. Greece, and more specifically, Santorini seduced me with its pink and orange sunsets and blue horizons.

Like my trip to the Grand Canyon in March, Greece taught me the beauty and luxury of slowing down. To let moments lap at you. We spent a lot of our time leisurely moving from beach to cafe with a beach view to another restaurant with an amazing view. The beautiful views were so abundant, it felt like an embarrassment of riches. I read four books on this trip and ate my weight in mussels and creamy carbonara. I also skinny-dipped for the first time and was exhilarated I crossed this off my list in the Aegean Sea instead of an apartment complex pool back at home.

I started 2014 in the wake of a break-up of a six-year relationship and since then have been on this journey of self-discovery and rediscovery. I’m so thankful Santorini and other islands of Greece were part of this year’s story.









Read about a lunch I had in Mykonos, Greece on my food blog.

  • Beautiful! I am dying to go to Greece. I like a mix of city and beach vacations as well. Your comment about an embarrassment of riches really resonates with me. Each time we are able to travel is a huge blessing and a wealth of experience. It’s great to be aware of that. I’m glad 2014 is shaping up well for you!

  • lisasyarns

    Those photos are SO beautiful! I am glad that you had such a great vacation and that you took this opportunity to slow down and take things in. We live such busy lives, it’s important to have vacations like that.

  • These pics are so beautiful.

  • The pictures are STUNNING. And remind me of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (ha)

  • BEAUTIFUL photos! I’m so happy for you that you got to go on such an amazing trip. If anyone deserves that, it’s you. <3

  • Wendy

    Love your pictures! Makes me want to go back even more!

  • Gorgeous photos. Greece is definitely on my list. :)

  • Bree

    Sounds and looks so fantastic. I’m so glad you posted photos. I must add Greece to my places to go. I’m dreaming of a beach vacation. I’m going to Mexico just to lay on sandy beaches and read. Congrats of finding your way with beach vacations. Nothing wrong with wanting to relax. What’s next?

    • Hi Bree!
      Enjoying catching up on your book blog lately. What’s next? A group trip to NYC for Halloween! I haven’t been since 2008 so I’m excited. :)

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