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May On and Off Instagram

April was a flurry of activity as I ran from one fun thing to another in an effort to get over a crush. May was less frantic and more grounded. I spent more time at home in my own company. I am also reviving parts of me that had laid dormant for half a year, one of which is my love for cooking! I used to cook almost every day and took painstaking care of organizing weekly meal plans. Now that it’s just me, I can get away with cooking just one or two meals a week and subsisting on leftovers for the rest of the week. I courted my old bond with cooking by hosting a brunch for my girlfriends and we ended up brunching for seven hours. I have so much love for everyone who was there and am reminded how forged sisterhoods are one of the best things in my life. I had one trip to Houston in May and met with one of my best friends who happens to be a photographer. He gave me a long-exposure tutorial, lent me his tripod, and together we hung out on a bridge in Houston to shoot light trails. It was exhilarating!

Not depicted on Instagram in May, holding hands with a good looking man for a couple of dates before gently parting ways. The moment you first hold someone’s hand is such a delicious moment of possibility. I’m enjoying the ambiguities of life these days.

Lamb Chop

Julie and Me

Tikka Masala

long exposures

long exposure



Macaroons and Latte



April On and Off Instagram

April was a flurry of activity. I looked at my calendar and only had 4 nights at home. There were food tastings, food events, a bachelorette party, a subsequent wedding, birthdays, happy hours, a trip to Houston, and filling in for absent players in intramural kickball games. The crush I alluded to in my March Instagram recap didn’t feel mutual. I distracted myself with friends, family, meeting new people, and delightful bites. Not pictured in these photos from April is my raising over $1500 for Make-A-Wish and securing a spot to rappel down a 38 story building in June (I’m still fundraising so please consider donating to a great cause). Also not pictured, booking airfare to Greece for August and buying Oprah tickets for October. Despite the discomfort of unrequited crush, April was delicious and love-filled and I planted seeds for an exciting 2014.

Oh, did you see? I breathed the same air as Andrew Zimmern, truly a dream come true.

Sous Vide Steak

Pork Belly

Whip It





Ming Tsai


Odd Duck

Odd Duck

Japan Festival





March on and off Instagram

I know this sounds cheesy, but looking back through your photos over the past few months, your smile has changed and it’s for the better. It’s a very “at peace with yourself” kind of change and it’s physically showing.” – Friend

I see life as chapters and big changes. Moving, birthdays, births, deaths, break-ups, new relationships, job changes, all serve as chapter endings and beginnings. My last chapter or pivot point was in October with both a physical move and break-up and two deaths. So much can change in such a short amount of time that it feels like a life time ago. March was a good month. These instagrams show good food, good friends, and a couple of trips that involve two beaches in two different states and a canyon. There’s a hint and homage to a future trip being taken soon to Greece. Not pictured on instagram from March was my first crush in years. I’m skeptical the crush will blossom into a new relationship but it was such a lovely surprise to feel butterflies that I smile at the memory and experience. March, you were a gem.

You can find me on instagram doing the best I can to linger on the special moments in my life at curiousnotions.


Grand Canyon

I usually plan my trips around metropolitan destinations. However, I hadn’t spent time with Ashley Riordan, Nicole, and Ashley D as a foursome since we went to Vegas almost two years ago. I also never visited a National Park before and still need to scratch off Arizona on my 50 states list. So when Ashley Riordan expressed an interest in visiting the Grand Canyon, we all jumped aboard and had a reunion trip. I’ve never experienced nature so breathtaking in person. I landed back in Austin with such an ache in my heart. The views and backdrops of our weekend there were unreal and being around girls I love so much felt like finding a long lost beloved sweatshirt that still fits. I newly resolve to travel with them at the very least once a year.

If you want a more thorough recap of our trip, might I suggest Ashley Riordan’s? But first take a look at my favorite photos.

Wordless Wednesdays: Flowers, Cupcakes, and a Caramel Apple

Hung saw that I was trying to learn how to use my DSLR. He has taken me under his wing and has given me daily homework for October. I am really grateful for his guidance. These shots were shot with twinkle lights as my only source of light. The assignment was to capture something in low light. You can follow along as I take at least ten shots a day in October at 30 by 12.

I’ve had “learn how to use a fancy camera” on my bucket list since high school. 15 years later it’s finally happening. I’m learning!