Grand Canyon

I usually plan my trips around metropolitan destinations. However, I hadn’t spent time with Ashley Riordan, Nicole, and Ashley D as a foursome since we went to Vegas almost two years ago. I also never visited a National Park before and still need to scratch off Arizona on my 50 states list. So when Ashley Riordan expressed an interest in visiting the Grand Canyon, we all jumped aboard and had a reunion trip. I’ve never experienced nature so breathtaking in person. I landed back in Austin with such an ache in my heart. The views and backdrops of our weekend there were unreal and being around girls I love so much felt like finding a long lost beloved sweatshirt that still fits. I newly resolve to travel with them at the very least once a year.

If you want a more thorough recap of our trip, might I suggest Ashley Riordan’s? But first take a look at my favorite photos.

  • Wendy

    Glad to see you had such a good trip! You would love the national parks in Utah…Bryce Canyon is INCREDIBLE.

  • That last picture is especially awesome!

    Glad to see you had a fun weekend with the TAC girls. Girls’ weekends and adventures are the best.

  • lisasyarns

    Wow, those photos are GORGEOUS! I am glad you had a fun get away. There is nothing like being with wonderful friends and it makes it even better when you are in a beautiful place. I have never been to the Grand Canyon but I would love to go someday.

  • Ashley J

    I also felt that way about Switzerland, and nature being so breathtaking that I couldn’t comprehend it! I remember I sat staring at a lake for a good 2 hours, it was so gorgeous! Hmmm…you’re giving me ideas to go retreat into a forest.

  • We’re happy to be your old sweatshirt.

  • Bree

    What an awesome trip. You definitely needed and deserved a girlie trip. I hope it helped rejuvenate you. :)

  • arthur

    that ache in your heart is just the beautiful escape back to natures roots seed propagating within…….those seeds are infectious, they consume, I love them! they combine to set us free and they put that smile on my face the last time I landed back in Austin and realized for the first time, that I as not coming home, I hadn’t made one yet :-)
    I love stories of escape and wilderness, thank you….and if that past picture had involved vino tinto and not beer, I’m afraid I’d be cycling to the airport right now……….

  • What an awesome trip and beautiful photos!

  • “Good job, Angels.” — Charlie