Texas Renaissance Festival

Over the weekend, we went to Texas Renaissance Festival in celebration for Jessica’s birthday which was earlier in the month. Here’s a pictorial recap :)

Foods of Texas Renaissance

Fried cod and fish, and turkey leg!

We devoured almost the entire funnel cake before realizing we never snapped a picture!

It was sooo cold and wet and perfect for hot chocolate!

I LOVE fried alligator. LOVE it. If you eat only one thing from Ren Fest, make it the alligator.

It rained the whole time we were there.

The mud on Jess and Brandi’s shoes/jeans. We did pretty good not getting too dirty.

My cowgirl boots were truly functional and my jeans were the cleanest.

The rest!

This guy freaked me out every time we ran into him. That black tongue actually moves!

Apparently, gnome kisses Brandi every year. Jessica was quite jealous.

Poop deck!


We saw our usual shows, one of which was the Mud Show. The “Spartan” picked a poor Trojan audience member to kiss. Lucky us, it was the dude sitting right in front of us.

I got so excited that the guy actually drenched her, I accidentally stopped recording just when he hit the spot. No worries, I stuck around for the next guy! See next video.

I leave you with a photo collage of the three of us at Ren Fest in 2007