• that IS awesome. :)

    i think i look at the elbow instinctually… plus i also slow down my high five a bit. :P

  • Linda

    lol suki, i told alan about this and he said the trick is if you’re the person missing all the time to initiate, put your hand up, and let them high five you.

    reminds me of Daisy in the Great Gatsby. it only matters if you’re a bad driver if you run into another bad driver.

  • Gah, my face! It’s talking!! I still get slightly weirded out by seeing myself on camera, haha. That genuine “YES!!” moment when we do the good high five is just classic. Miss you already, dear! :) *elbow-focused high fives*

    • Linda

      i know what you mean! i’ve finally gotten used to seeing myself with this project. thank you so much for being part of another vlog and I miss you already. high fives and hugs!
      – Linda

  • LOL! I wonder, if someone ever posted something like this :P I had no idea you were having a lazy eye. Your friend is smart, you should keep her. So that hug at the end could be longer. Cling on to her :P And never let go. Plus you don’t need to do high fives anymore :P