Weekend Recap

Saturday, I spent the entire day with Kim, Thomas, and company.

I surprised Kim with glitter tattoos.

Then we proceeded to brand all of our friends.

(this photo by Thomas)

And gave our tattoos life by making them dance and drink.

(this photo by Thomas)

We had one of our progressive meals and ate at five places and aspired towards seven. (Two of the places were closed!)

We helped put up Kim’s tree and then made paper cranes to decorate it.

After our dinner, we parted ways and I was going to end the perfect day having a pajama party with Kim and building a fort. On our way to her place, my car started to make this terrifying thumping sound while we were on the freeway. I inadvertently exited into a tollway without having the necessary tag and it took us quite a while driving with this noise before feeling like it was safe enough to pull over (i.e. not on a highway shoulder or into a seedy dark gas station.) Turns out my bumper got loose and was flapping against my tire. We drove at a crawl to Kim’s place and accidentally drove deep into a very dark and wooded area off of the freeway. TERRIFYING. There was another lone car with us that felt sketchy!

I canceled fort night with Kim. It didn’t feel right being out in Houston with a maimed car. I was really disappointed to miss the pajama fort party but it was still an awesome day. We played hard and didn’t get killed. I like Kim’s pithy recap.

Kim 11:11 PM to me

one of the best days, for sure.

and so simple! good food, company of friends (old and new), listening to records, driving in the rain, sparkly tattoos, taking pictures, putting up christmas trees, cracking jokes, almost getting murdered in the secret woods next to the freeway…

I was supposed to drive back to Austin on Sunday (yesterday) but had to stay so I can take my car in today. I was too nervous to drive my car so I canceled what little plans I had and spent the entire day reading. I finished A Beautiful Boy, a memoir of a father navigating his son’s drug addictions. Captivating and depressing. Thus the chocolate milk.

Aside from the car troubles, I really had such a wonderful weekend. There were many great moments I just want to memorize so I can revisit on gloomy days. I hope my car troubles get fixed today. I can’t wait to get back to my bed, dog, and boyfriend.

Question: What is your favorite memory from the weekend?