What to Do and Eat When You Go to Wurstfest

Wurstfest is an annual celebration or “Salute to Sausage” held in New Braunsfels, Texas. This Fryday, I went for my first time to their 49th year with buddies. Nisreen, Katambra, Selina, and Ryan have all gone before but it was new experience for the rest of us. So not that I’m now a Wurstfest expert but here’s my guide to what to do and eat.

What to do and eat when you go to Wurstfest

As I said, this is a SAUSAGE FEST. We recommend getting the sausage kebob. 5 different sausages on one stick. The 2nd one with the cheddar is delicious, the third one taste like a breakfast sausage, and the last one has a sweetness to it that I quite enjoyed.

You can eat cheeseballs. It taste like Bisquick, sausage, and cheese.

So stay away from the fried pickles. Much too thin, hardly any pickle, and too salty. You can do better at your local bar/grill.

Do you like Reubens?

There’s fried cheesecake as well.

You can eat bread pudding. I recommend not eating it with the butter sauce. It is much better without.

The fried mushrooms with gravy, much better than the pickles.

There’s funnel cake, do I really need to say more?

If you only eat one thing, make it the fried Oreos. It’s the best thing there. You’d think the cookie would be hard like Oreos, but they’re soft and magnificent.

If you happen to make a hundred dollar bet with your roommate to eat healthy and you’re salivating as your friends eat fried foods and drink beer, like my friend Bing, you can console yourself with a turkey leg!

You can play basketball. That carnie worker was talking smack to Nino and taunting him because little kids and girls have made the hoop.

So one thing we all agreed not to do was ride this dangerous and crazy looking carnie ride.

Another pretty simple yet difficult to win carnie game. Knocking over heavy milk bottles with a soft ball.

Ferris Wheels, classic and romantic.

It’s very fashionable at Wurstfest to wear hats. If you don’t have one, buy one there. Here’s Nino modeling his elephant hat.

Have your friends rub your trunk for um.. good luck?

Remember you are at a German festival. You cannot go to a German festival and not partake in the beer. Pitchers are more economical than cups. When done, you can stack them and stick the handles in pockets as demonstrated by Nisreen and Ryan.

Lastly, don’t forget to bring your friends.