I have a very big extensive “new things” entry in the works but the photos are taking a while. Stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, here’s some of my favorites of 2007

Favorite Books I’ve read in 2007: Kite Runner, Picture of Dorian Gray, Freakonomics, Switch Bitch

Favorite Movies I’ve Seen in 2007: Lars and the Real Girl; Oh, Saigon; Death Proof; Superbad; American Gangster, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

New Thing(s) of the Week: ghosting riding, Ren Fest, ACL, making crepes and gumbo, Austin Film Festival, Post Secret Book Signing, Guitar Adventure

Least Favorite “New Thing of the Week”: eating snails and my first car accident

Favorite Places of 2007: Madam Mams (been a favorite since I discovered it in 2001), Barnes and Noble, Coco’s Cafe, Flip Happy Crepes , San Marcos Outlet Center, Barton Creek Mall