Current Worries

  • Will I pack in time for the movers?

  • Will both of us be out by the time we need to be to not incur further fines and fees?

  • Will my things fit in the new smaller closet?

  • Will my kitchen stuff fit in the new smaller kitchen?

  • How will Bob handle these life changes?
  • I’ve been keeping myself busy and social; will I be able to handle my feelings during quiet alone time?

  • How much will the movers charge me?

  • What’s my bank account looking like right this instant?

  • What if I’m making a mistake?

  • Will we be okay?

  • Will my friends be understanding when I finally call them back after days of not calling them back?

  • How will I feel during the holidays with all this change?

  • What if I get a flat tire while driving between Nashville and Louisville?

  • What if I end up so alone?

  • How will I fund all the travel I want to do?

Question: What’s on your worry list?