I’m been feeling displaced and fragmented lately.

I’ve been staying at my friends, Deesh and Bing’s place since Friday. I’ve been officially homeless since Monday night. My things are stored in my first storage place ever rented (new thing), Selina and Ryan’s place, my brother’s place, Deesh and Bing’s place, and my car. Fragmented.

I haven’t read since last Wednesday before bed. That’s my bedtime routine.. reading and journaling. I haven’t done both actually since last Wednesday. Does not help the displaced and fragmented feeling. I haven’t done either because I’ve been without a night stand lamp since… well, last Wednesday. I’m almost going out of my mind.

Last night I became addicted to a Nintendo DS game called Puzzle Quest. (uh oh) You don’t need a reading light for that addiction.

Friday, I’m heading up to Dallas to visit Michael and do a whole slew of Dallas-related new things. Am excited. Never actually drove on my own to Dallas before. I’m a nightmare behind the wheel. Unfortunately, I do nothing to dispel the Asian driving stereotype.