Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 32)


I have the day off today! My original day off was suppose to be on President’s Day but my boss traded me Monday for Friday. How am I spending it? I had a doctor’s appointment, followed by a dentist appointment, am now suppose to be packing and I have a lunch date at 12:30 with a girlfriend. After all that, I’ll be driving down to Houston for the weekend to see family and friends.


Pictures from last night:


Photo of a photo

Last weekend while out with friends, Alan spotted a photographer at the bar and paid him to take this black and white party pic. Since then, I’ve decided I prefer black and white photos.


My former roommate and dear friend Brandi, who moved to Dallas last summer to pursue a career change recently found herself back in Austin permanently. My dear friend Thomas who lived in California moved to Houston recently. Though I’m saddened that their moves were not completely desired by them, I’m happy I’d get to see them more.


Wednesday night, while watching the Lakers game, Alan found a commercial fail. Do you see it? This is one of the reasons I love going to movies and watching TV with him. He has a really good eye for these kind of things.

Good work, Alan, good work.


This year is still whizzing past me. February is already coming to a close. March is NEXT week. Things I have to look forward to in March? The Sketchbook Project tour comes to Austin ♥ My Solemate (deliberate misspelling by the way) flies in ♥ Cindy comes to visit ♥ Alan and I have our three year anniversary.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ Sleepovers and spooning with boyfriend ♥ Four Day Work Week! ♥ Couch cuddles while watching Jersey Shore ♥ 70 degree weather in Austin ♥ Weekday lunch date in just an hour! ♥ Red Velvet Cake

Question: Do you floss regularly?