Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 58)


This week on Totes Awesome Channel, the other girls seem to be recouping from VEDA but Nicole and I thought we’d still upload videos.

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For those without video capabilities, I talk about how this week I feel particularly old for two reasons. My high school ten year reunion is this weekend and as a child I thought only old people went to their high school reunion. The second reason: I received an unexpected lecture from a new doctor about how I should start planning for kids soon since after the age of 35, it gets biologically much more difficult for women. The verbal assault lasted up to 5 minutes and was neatly closed with a, “7 years will pass really quickly!” Thanks, doctor!

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Speaking of high school reunions, it’s not going to be so crazy to see the bunch of girls (I went to a private all girl’s school) who can make it this weekend. For starters, most of us are friends on Facebook and still close friends with a handful of each other. When I stalk them on Facebook, it’s so refreshing to see other classmates in their wedding photos or vacation photos. My BFF is a HS classmate. I lived with two HS classmates during and after college. Just yesterday, I talked to 5 of the 48 girls. As a class, we had such a special time ten years ago. To be secluded from guys during the school hours and have just 47 other classmates in one of the largest cities in the country kind of sets you up to have deep special bonds.

I’d love for my daughters (if I’m lucky to birth kids since apparently my eggs days are numbered!) to go to my high school.


Kind of smokey in Houston and Austin. If you’re in the giving mood, Bastrop, Texas could use some of your help. If you’re the praying kind, please pray of the people who lost their homes and that we get some much needed rain.


For the month of September, I’m making a conscious effort to sleep 30 hours a work week and 14 hours on the weekends. So far I haven’t met quota on my week nights, but averaging 5 hours a night is still better than the recent average of 4 hours. Still working hard at this.


Bob has opened up and is such a mischievous puppy now! I find that I break out in hives when he licks or scratches me and they only happen at areas of contact. I don’t want to give him up so I’ve been wearing jeans when I remember to at home and trying to train him not to lick me or jump on me. He’s just too cute!


It’s almost been a full month of living with a boyfriend. It was a bit rough adjusting at first and I found that I’m a little bit of a control freak. It’s starting to feel comfortable and I like it. He’s made me breakfast two times this week!


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ walking Bob with Alan ♥ Alan making me breakfast before work ♥ not waiting so long for a doctor’s visit ♥ tater tots ♥ emails from Kim ♥ my first Indian market experience ♥ planning out a progressive meal in Houston ♥ by planning I mean, letting Thomas plan it for us ♥ Watching Crazy, Stupid, Love with Alan ♥ making my first curry even if it didn’t turn out fantastic ♥ free dinner because dearest Naz has a funny habit of buying Groupons and then not being around when they expire

Question: What are some of your favorite memories from high school?