Friday 7 Quick Takes (vol 99)


We are talking about the things we love about our hometowns on Totes Awesome Channel this week!

Youtube Link


Austin’s first Dishcrawl went well despite terrible weather!

To read the blog post on the company website, check here! Next Dishcrawl is planned for August 28!


Tomorrow I’m going to see the new Batman movie at the IMAX for a friend’s birthday. No doubt, I will be thinking of the victims of the movie theatre shooting.


If you’re in Austin, there’s a great charity event that’s happening, July 25th. Austin Food Bloggers Alliance is hosting a Cupcakes and Cocktails party benefitting Bake A Wish. Bake A Wish’s mission is to provide birthday cakes to abused, neglected, abandoned children and youth who would not otherwise receive one.

Tickets can be purchased here for 35 dollars and covers admission, cupcake samples, appetizers and small bites from Chef Josh Watkins, and two drink tickets. More drink tickets can be purchased at the event.

I hope you can come! I’ll be manning the auction table. Come say hi!


My last post was an update on my resolutions for 2012. For my resolution regarding going to Marfa, I noted that there’s a chance we’ll be letting Marfa go to save for Paris in 2013. Days later, Southwest Airlines had a sale and Kim and I capitalized and booked our flights. We also booked a night in a trailer and a night in a teepee!

We get to sleep in a teepee!


It’s funny how that works. A few days ago, I figured Marfa may not happen this year because of money but then I managed. Last year I resolved to leave the country and had my sights on Vancouver. Money grew tight and I updated either via my blog or Youtube channel that I’ll probably have to let go of Canada due to lack of money. A few months later, Alan had to go to Canada for work so I scrounged up the cash and made it up there with him!

I feel like there’s a lesson to be learned here.


This week’s moments of bliss: ♥ happy hour with old coworkers ♥ Alan teaching me how to swim ♥ getting the gratitude journals Kim and I made in the mail ♥ jigsaw time with Alan ♥ jalapeno cheese croissants ♥ Kim and I booked our Marfa trip ♥ teepee! ♥ pasta ♥ realizing that I don’t feel so lost anymore ♥ morning cuddles with Bob ♥ finding pockets of time to journal ♥ Madam Mams

Question: What do you love most about your home?