Friday Feels

Friday Feels

Hello friends! Happy almost November! Are you ready for November? Are you panicking like I am? I had so much I wanted to do this year and still a lot of it left to accomplish! Oy. So this weekend I plan on catching my breath with Sugarface and doing something that makes us happy. Maybe a hike with the dogs? And I have a barbecue festival to attend. The joys of being a food blogger! What do you have going on this weekend? What have you been reading?

It’s been a bit since my last link round-up of Internet pieces that made me feel feelings. Some of these links I’ve had in my pocket for a few weeks. Enjoy and happy Friyay!

  • How to be a writer.
  • I finished a few good books since the last round-up. Goldfinch was an great read.
  • When Breath Becomes Air and Blankets were also enjoyable reads.
  • I started reading The Nest and Love Warrior this week.
  • There’s been a lot of race thoughts and discussions amongst my circle. There’s this open letter. And our podcast discussed Code Switch, an NPR podcast. (episode isn’t live yet).
  • Ruth Bader’s Ginsburgs advice for living.
  • At every stage of life, you should be a rookie at something.”
  • Dear Michelle Obama

  • Roxanne Gay’s 13 rules for Female Friendship.
  • Kim Kardashian, Elena Ferrante, and the right to privacy.
  • I liked some of these tips about working for yourself.
  • Best Jobs for your personality type. This was uncanny for some of the people in my life.
  • Ultra Rich Man’s letter to his fellow filthy rich Americans.
  • Personal Plugs

  • A few weeks ago we celebrated 50 episodes of I Feel Better Podcast by recording live! You can see the Youtube replay here.
  • I wrote about this awesome boozy ice cream place in Austin.

  • I shared a recipe for Chorizo Quiche with Hash Brown Crust.

  • I also recapped Toronto.

  • Did you see my first newborn photography shoot?