I still gots it

So we had a very very ugly website at work. It was hideous. I have to show you the screen shot of the before for you to really appreciate the after.


I spent the last two days off and on during my work hours to redo the entire site. :) Behold the after! It’s 300 percent better than the before if I do say so myself. Of course, the after shot alone is just mediocre… But in comparison, I think it’s the shit.


I told the office manager I didn’t want to go live since I cut and pasted the content from the old site and haven’t had a chance to check for typos. She said she wanted to go live now with the typos. Logic being new site with typos is still a lot better than the old site with the same typos. So I go live and she sends out an email for people to do the once over and send me suggestions since I’m still working on it..

Not but minutes later I get inundated with emails telling me to learn how to spell and to “go back to school.”