Ivy Hotel, San Diego

Is where I’ll be staying at the end of the work week next week. I’ve been to San Diego many times and I’m usually at Zen Spa/Resorts.. but Ivy Hotel is a stark contrast, located in the city as opposed to on a shore with a rooftop lounge and a night club. It also has a complimentary Escalade service!

I yanked off some pictures of their website.


Let me quote you their description of Envy.

Open Thursday – Saturday, every guest at Ivy receives exclusive VIP passes to Envy, a multilevel club with a gravitational pull that’s hard to resist. Envy will swallow you up in its hidden corners, where beds become tables and tables become dance floors. Anticipate, expose, and play out fantasies.

I laughed at “anticipate, expose!”

Here’s picture of their rooftop lounge.


Looks fun. Makes San Diego a little bit more new to me. Maybe I’ll meet a colleague from my meeting and I can cajole to “anticipate and expose!” with me. (Not really expose.)