September On & Off Instagram

As I mentioned in my August Instagram recap, I was in Greece the last few days of August and first week of September. In September I was in Santorini and then I ended the trip with a couple of days in Athens. It was surreal to finally cross off a couple of things on my bucket list that I’ve had on my list for almost two decades.

I went to my second Chris Guillebeau book signing with Anita and bought Happiness of Pursuit. Also with Anita, I attended a party where Ethan Hawke was an honored guest at the Arlyn Music Studio and a Texas politics festival where we sat a few feet away from Wendy Davis, candidate for Texas governor.

I attended a beautiful wedding of college friends and celebrated the birthday of my future roommate and the third year adoption anniversary of Bob the dog. One of my closest friends who lives in Miami came and we shared our usual Brazilian meal. We only spent two hours together and I miss her so much already.

Not depicted on Instagram was me spontaneously taking the stage of a comedy show for 90 seconds and dishing out unoriginal jokes and having the crowd and stage full of professional comedians in stitches. I’ve been secretly dreaming of delving into stand-up comedy and that experience gave me a fun glimpse into that dream. I also had drinks with three friends and somehow while buzzed, we hatched a plan to go to New York City for Halloween. A week later, still compelled when sober, we booked our tickets. Since then, our trip of four friends have grown to a seven people group trip!




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