Strangers and their Fears

In December, I’m doing something that scares me every day. For the first day, I revisited something that scared me during my October challenge, which was to take ten photos a day with my newly acquired DSLR in an effort to learn how to use it. Hung had given me daily homework for October, one of which was to take a photo of a stranger with his or her permission. It gave me such anxiety that I thought it was a good one to revisit for my fear project. Thomas and Kim joined me for coffee and moral support, and I nervously asked five people to let me take their photos with their fears.

“I’m scared of people seeing my handwriting.”

His wife: “Risk makes you smile?”

“Do you have a black marker? Because we’re talking about fears here.”

She was the first person I asked and her answer made us wince and clutch our hearts.

“I like your bubble lettering.”
“Thank you, I’m trying to make it look as cute as possible.”

I ran out of paper but I love this set so much I decided to keep this series up in tandem to whatever else I’m doing for my daily dose of fear-facing. (Today’s is to sit through a scary movie without closing my eyes or ears. I don’t even know if I’m capable but I’m going to try.)