Three Terrific Things on a Thursday

Edit: Kim and I now have a 3 Things journal you can buy from Amazon and have a public version of our emails on Twitter under @happy3things.

* * *

Back in October 2011, my friend Kim and I started emailing each other every morning at work enumerating three good things in our life. We haven’t missed a day since we started and it has definitely made me a happier person. I am a sunny person in general but there’s something really uplifting to start your day with mandatory gratitude. A couple of months ago we started to include another friend of ours so now it’s a daily routine involving three girls sharing three terrific things every day.

I was first to start the chain this morning and I thought I’d share the email with you too.

Linda (
Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 8:34 AM
To: Kim, Natalie
Subject: THur3day

See what I did there?

1. I used up food in the fridge for breakfast and it was so good! I made two sunny side up eggs, reheated the Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork (I made it on Sunday and we still have leftovers), and heated up some tortillas. Then I made runny egg pork tacos with a dollop of green salsa.

It was really tasty! Especially for just using up leftovers.

2. Tonight I will get some enchilada sauce to make my first enchiladas. I’m mostly excited because that means I can use up the leftover ground meat from yesterday’s dinner AND leftover tortillas from the tacos! It brings me SO much joy when I don’t throw out the scraps left from previous meals. It’s like a TETRIS GAME!!!!!!!!!! (I always end up throwing out a bunch of tortillas whenever I make tacos.)

3. I’ve never been read to before except for in school when teachers would read to the whole class. My parents supplied a lot of books but I don’t remember them ever reading to me like how I read to every single kid I ever babysat.

Anyway, Alan read to me from my book last night and it was pretty funny. I felt like I was five years old. Also, he would change the story without even stumbling and I’d be like, “Wait……………. Nuh uh!” The story is outlandish enough that once I accused him again of reading it wrong but turns out Neil Gaiman actually did author, “F**k. Jesus f**king Christ on a bicycle.”

I’m verbose today.

Question: What are three terrific things in your life today?