Weekend Recap

I got a lot of things taken care of this weekend.

Friday, I spent some quality time with my little from Big Brothers & Big Sisters.

Saturday, I got my oil changed, my transmission fluid flushed, my air filter replaced, my car vacuumed, and tires rotated.

I started packing up my apartment. 7 boxes down!

I wanted to share one of my favorite moving tips. You know the little knick knacks around your apartment? I store my shoes in shoe boxes and there’s a lot of dead space in shoe boxes. Great place for the little knick knacks. Observe.

I also collaborated with my friend, Deesh on a new project.

Finally, I made sure to burn off some steam socializing.

If I were to describe my weekend in one word, I’d pick “productive.”

Question: How would you describe your weekend in one word?